Youthika Chauhan

Research Positions

  • Research Fellow at Imperial College London (Leonardo Centre on Business for Society)
    • Work with corporate partners and clients across industries to help improve their sustainability (social and environmental performance)
    • Analysis of past sustainability performance through corporate impact reports and large datasets supplemented by qualitative interviews
    • Qualitative and quantitative analysis to develop propositions for firms to improve their socio-environmental performance
    • Testing of propositions through field experiments involving randomized control trials, interventions, and quantitative analysis
  • Research Associate at Med Aditus International Inc.
    • Proposing suitable business models for a for-profit subsidiary in Africa seeking to provide affordable healthcare in Africa
    • Identifying processes that can help them maximize their social impact while being financially viable
  • Ph.D. candidate at Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina under Prof. Hugh O’Neil
    • Social entrepreneurship in low- and low-middle income countries across the world (a.k.a. developing economies)
    • Study of different forms of organizations and their process enabling the fulfilment of social/environmental missions along with their financial aspirations.
    • Mixed methods research, i.e., quantitative methods (field experiments and RCTs, regressions, sentiment and content analysis, event-study, etc.) and qualitative methods (inductive analysis, qualitative comparative analysis, case comparison, etc.).
    • On-the-field data collection, survey execution, and field experimentation in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
    • Topics of research include food sustainability, outreach of health and nutrition, agricultural resource management
    • Other areas of research: affordable healthcare, access to education, skill development, waste recycling and gender equality

Industry Experience

  • OmniActive Health Technologies Limited
    • Assistant Manager, New Products Evaluation (2015-2016)
      • Served as the interface between the marketing, R&D, and production (including intellectual property and regulatory compliance) departments of the organization
      • Identified customer expectations and translated them into technical product requirements
      • Proposed methods and criteria to evaluate new products for their technical and commercial feasibility
      • Assessed the technical and commercial feasibility analysis of new products in the nutraceutical industry
      • Led the development and launch of six new nutraceutical ingredients between 2015 and 2016
    • Management Trainee, Corporate Strategy and Projects (2014-2016)
      • Identified departmental needs and studied the long-term costs and benefits, and the cross-functional consequences of potential inter-departmental projects
      • Developed the five-year growth plan of the organization and translated it into operational goals and quarterly targets for different departments
      • Implemented three inter-departmental projects and other initiatives between 2014 and 2015
  • Daimler Financial Services
    • Consultant for ongoing project titled “Used Car Financing in India and China” (2013)
      • As a member of student consulting group at HWR Berlin, conducted research on Mercedez-Benz’ market position and existing automobile market in India and China
      • Presented the findings and recommended strategic directions to the client organization
  • ¬†Deutsche Telekom
    • Consultant for an ongoing project on machine-to-machine communication in food supply chains (2013)
      • As a student consultant at HWR Berlin,¬†analyzed the scope of implementing machine-to-machine communication in local food supply chains

Other positions

  • SoFood Private Limited
    • Advisor (2014 – present)
    • Provide technical and strategic guidance to the social enterprise
  • UDCT (now ICT) Alumni Assocation
    • Editor of the monthly newsletter, UDAAN (UDCT Alumni Association Newsletter (2015-2018)
  • Sampushti
    • As the mentor, led this non-profit student initiative aimed at providing nutritious and cost-effective biscuits to underprivileged malnourished children and assessing the health impact (2015-2016)


  • BGM Associates
  • Kraft Foods India (now, Mondelez International)
    • Studied literature and conducted lab trials for new products and process improvement
  • Bunty Foods Private Limited (manufacturing unit under Parle Agro)
    • Studied methods to reduce operational costs
  • Vista Foods Private Limited (supplier to McDonalds India)
    • Worked on the ongoing project for the acquisition of a client company
    • Prepared company profiles for potential buyers

Teaching Positions